F. Scott Fedora

Meet the Band

Mark McCormick   band leader, trumpet

Along with Mark’s work in F. Scott Fedora he is also the founder and musical director of the Whiskey Flats Brass Band and performs with the chamber brass group Eclectic Brass. He performs as a solo musician for weddings and other functions and is the Director of Bands in Stevenson/ Carson Washington School System. 

Mark got his start in Topeka Kansas,  After relocating to The Columbia River Gorge, Mark spent eighteen years associated with the Pacific Crest Wind Symphony spending many of those years as the group’s assistant conductor. During the summer Mark can often be found in the orchestra pit of The Skamania Performing Arts Foundations summer musicals..

Mark is also a performer on bagpipes both large and small and can be heard frequently with area Celtic musicians. He is an active photographer that prefers black and white film and still works in a darkroom.

Bill Shelton   clarinet, vocals

Bill began playing clarinet around the age of 9, taking lessons from his music teacher father in Kansas City.  After high school, he switched to vocal music and eventually spent ten years with an internationally competitive barbershop chorus, The Vocal Gentry.

After some years of not playing clarinet he began playing again and now provides the mature woodwind sound of F. Scott Fedora.  Bill also plays and performs on bagpipes with
Kells Irish Pipes and Drums the Fort Vancouver Pipe Band
and the Skamania Pipes and Drums. Bill is retired from the United States Air Force and private industry. He teaches business classes at Clark College in Vancouver Washington.

Chris Scott   (formerly with the band; Chris, good luck on your new projects.)

Chris has considerable experience on classical percussion as well as drum set.  He currently plays with the Whiskey Flats Brass Band and has spent many years with the Pacific Crest Wind Symphony.  Mr. Scott has often played with the orchestra and bands at Mt. Hood Community College. Along with anchoring the rhythm in F. Scott Fedora, Chris also functions as the maturity of the bands younger set, occasionally issuing a warning (sometimes with a flying stick) to the other pups that is generally taken seriously.

Always personally calm and steady but with an edge, Chris would like to take walks on the beach, discuss profound subjects, and play paintball with the love of his life if she ever shows up. He really doesn’t need any more “just friends”.  Aggressive girls would be a real plus.

In his spare time he likes to sleep.

Jerome Judd   trombone, vocals

Along with F. Scott Fedora Jeromy also plays baritone with the Whiskey Flats Brass Band.

Like the wind of the Columbia Gorge where he lives Jerome is a free spirit, showing up here and doing that, then showing up there and doing this. His talents are only slightly tapped at this point. On one gig he offered to sing a tune, the band didn’t know that he sang so they put him off until a later rehearsal. At the next rehearsal he opened his mouth, and now he’s billed as a singer.  The band wonders what new talent comes next.

Jesse Renville   piano

Jesse is the wunderkind of the group, still in his mid-teens! He has been playing the piano for many years and added the trumpet in sixth grade. He was the musical director and accompanist for The Dog House Theatre Company’s production of “All I Ever Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” and is the accompanist for the Stevenson High School choir.  He is an active trumpeter in various school ensembles and is the “go to” student for his peers’ questions about all things harmony.

Jesse’s guilty pleasure (or at least the one he annoys the older players in the group with) is playing every tune ever written by Bill Joel. He has a particular love for cheesy tunes from the 1970s.

Shari Dolan   bass, vocals

Shari was born into a musical family: her first instrument was a ukulele that she started at the age of four.  She sang and played ukulele, guitar, and piano in many family gatherings.  Shari began writing songs and performing in coffee houses in Seattle, Tacoma and Vancouver at age seventeen.

Through the years Shari could be found playing bass and singing  in various professional country and country-rock bands. Today she enjoys playing jazz with F. Scott Fedora, as well as playing in bluegrass groups (fiddle and mandolin), and singing with a gospel group.

Patrick Hogan   guitar, vocals
As a kid Patrick bought a lot of records and played guitar in a lot of garage bands.  But then he gave up childish things, went to school, got a job, bla bla bla.  It wasn't until the late 90's that he teamed up with Tom Traughber to create HoganTraughber.  Now he's regressing to his childhood as fast as he can.
When Patrick moved to Vancouver in 2003 he needed to make some new friends.  So he learned to play the side snare drum and joined several bagpipe bands: 
That's where he met 'Blarney' Bill Shelton.  When Mark and Bill heard him play guitar they offered him a summer slot in the band lineup, and now he won't go away!
Craig   drums
Craig is the new guy.  We have not given him a nick-name yet.  Any ideas?

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